Zoning Advisory Committee Public Forum -  March 11, 2024

Zoning Advisory Committee Public Forum 2024
The Zoning Advisory Committee is a nine-member board appointed by the Planning Board, typically with representatives from the Planning Board, Conservation Commission, Chamber of Commerce and the Board of Appeals, as well as At-Large positions.  The Committee meets one or two times a month, usually on Monday evenings.

The purpose of the Zoning Advisory Committee is to review and develop proposals for zoning bylaw and zoning map amendments, and make recommendations to the Planning Board.  Zoning bylaws generally regulate the use of land, buildings, and structures.

The Zoning Advisory Committee holds an annual public forum to hear ideas and proposals for desired changes to the Zoning Bylaw and/or the Zoning Map from residents. This is an opportunity to propose changes to the land uses permitted in specific areas in Hopkinton, the manner in which certain uses are permitted, dimensional requirements, or other ideas with respect to land use regulation.
The Zoning Advisory Committee is holding the 2024 Public Forum on Monday, March 11, 2024 at 7:00 PM, remotely via Zoom.  The Zoning Advisory Committee encourages residents to attend this forum and provide ideas and proposals for amendments to the Zoning Bylaws, whether they are changes to regulations currently in place or entirely new regulations.