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Hopkinton Water & Sewer Department

The mission of the Water Department is to provide the Town of Hopkinton and its citizens with a safe drinking water supply, water for fire protection, and an adequate supply of water for their essential daily needs. The Water Department protects current sources and manages existing supplies while pursuing additional water sources to meet demands.  The mission of the Sewer Department is to provide the Town of Hopkinton and its citizens with reliable wastewater services protective of health and the environment.    The Water & Sewer Department aims to react in a timely, professional manner to all inquires, problems, and requests of the citizens and officials of the Town of Hopkinton. 
Our goal is to provide the best potable water supply to our customers.

Business hours:
8:00AM to 3:00PM
For emergencies after hours, please call the Fire and Police Dispatch at (508) 497-3401.

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Water Use Restrictions
Information for the DEP imposed annual water use restrictions.READ MORE 

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