For information on Conservation Commission members, visit our dedicated page on Hopkinton's Board & Committees database.

Your Commissioners are bringing this site to you to answer questions about wetlands, about why we exist, what we do, and when you need to consult us. We hope you find the site informative and helpful.If you have questions, comments or suggestions, please call the office or e-mail us.

The Hopkinton Conservation Commission (HCC) typically meets two Tuesdays a month. All HCC meetings are open to the public. The HCC may choose to schedule site walks as needed, typically on Saturday mornings. Please call the office for details.

Office hours are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Tuesday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm. Friday from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.

If a public hearing is scheduled, an official notice will appear in the MetroWest Daily News and on the main bulletin board in Town Hall.Please see the link above for accessing HCC Meeting Agendas.

View Conservation Commission Services to the Town, presented December 16 2003 to the Board of Selectmen.

Public Information Notice

Kimball/Smith Road Forest Cutting

Online Resources

Regulatory Documents

Hopkinton Wetlands Protection Bylaw
Hopkinton Wetlands Protection Regulations
Procedures Regarding Comprehensive Permit Applications

Application Supplement Documents

Notice of Intent Hopkinton Filing Checklist
Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation Hopkinton Filing Checklist
Request For Determination Of Applicability Hopkinton Filing Checklist
Hopkinton Wetlands Bylaw Supplement to WPA Form 3
Hopkinton Wetland Bylaw Filing Fee Calculation Worksheet

Abutter Notification Documents

Request for List of Abutters
Notification to Abutters Form, WPA & Bylaw
Notification to Abutters Form, Bylaw Only
Affidavit of Service Form, WPA & Bylaw
Affidavit of Service Form, Bylaw Only

Other Documents

Building Permit Conservation Questionnaire
Conservation Commission Meeting Dates/Deadlines
Guide to Healthy Lakeshore Landscaping

Useful Links

MA DEP Wetlands & Waterways Application Forms   - Download all application forms (Request for Determination of Applicability, Notice of Intent , etc)]
MA DEP File number and comment Page
Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection  - Contact information, Statutes and Regulations (MGL Ch 131 s 40 Wetlands Protection Act, Rivers Protection Act, MGL Ch 132 Forest Cutting Practices Act),  Links to Central Regional   Office...
The Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs  -  Department Links, including DEM, DEP, DFWELE, MDC, and MWRA
Massachusetts Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program
US Army Corps of Engineers
EPA New England
Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commissions
Massachusetts Land Trust Coalition  -  Contact your local land trusts
EPA Low Impact Development (LID) Fact Sheets

Educational Links

The Vernal Pool Association  -  Great information on vernal pools including slides of different types of pools and the critters that live or breed in them, as well as educational resources and much more.
Mass Audubon Society Homepage
National Wildlife Federation Wetlands Homepage
Amphibian Identification Page -  Pictures, descriptions and range information
Bird Identification Page  -  USGS identification page
Butterflies and Moths of North America
Guide to Animal Tracking

What is the Hopkinton Conservation Commission?

What does the Commission do?

What is the Wetlands Protection Act?

What Resource Areas are protected under these laws?

What is protected by the Hopkinton Wetlands Bylaw?

When should you consult the Commission?