Online Cemetery Records

Welcome to Hopkinton’s online Cemetery Records Project. With a generous grant through the Community Preservation Act, we are now able to make all of the Town of Hopkinton’s cemetery records electronically available to the public. Whether you are researching genealogy, looking for a grave site, or seeking other
family or historical information, here you will be able to access burial records, billing records, cemetery maps and more. The records are searchable by last name, maiden name, and a number of other fields. 

With the passage of time, it is possible that some records no longer exist – especially the very earliest. This is also the case in our town cemeteries, with many missing headstones and markers. (Please note that interments in St. John’s and the Wilson St. Catholic cemeteries are not included, as these locations are private, not town cemeteries.) However, all cemetery records in possession of the Town of Hopkinton are herewith included. The site will be periodically updated to add recent information. The Hopkinton Cemetery Commission hopes that you will find this website a helpful and valuable resource.

From the link below, you will be able to search (or filter) based on a number of attributes: Cemetery, Section, Lot, Plot, Last Name, First Name, Year of Death, Maiden Name, etc.  We recommend starting your search by entering a minimal amount of information so as to return a larger amount of information.  You may then filter your results further by adding additional search terms from other fields.  To browse all records, you may leave the search fields blank and simply press the orange "search" button in the upper-right hand corner, and you will see all records.  Notice that each search field also has a drop down button that allows you to pick from the existing data fields.  Once you perform a search, you may click the column headers on any column to sort.  

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A note about the photo in the header of this page:
Brothers Lawson & Alphonso Comey were both killed in the Civil War.  No one Hopkinton family paid a higher price than the Comey Family (Comey Chapel). Lawson died near New Orleans, during the battle at Brashear City in June of 1863.  Alphonso Comey was killed in the battle of Cold Harbor, June 3. 1864.  Cold Harbor was the last of Grant's Overland Campaign before he settled in the for 10 mos. siege of Petersburg, that eventually ended the war.  Cold Harbor is remembered for it's incredible slaughter.  At the worst point, troops including Alphonso Comey in the 25th Mass. charged over a field of open ground against Confederates strongly dug in with deep log-reinforced trenches.  8,000 were killed in 20 min., including Alphonso Comey. It was the only assault that Grant later said he regretted.