Hopkinton Town Numbers

Phone Number Department What are you looking to do?
508-497-9700 Town Hall Main Number  General info or don't know where to start...
800 321-3002 E.L. Harvey & Sons, Inc. Customer Service Trash Collection; Recycling; Disposal of Metals/Electronics/Furniture/Hazardous Wastes
800-592-2000 NSTAR Customer Service Power Outages for Residents & Businesses
508-497-9740 Highway/Tree Warden Report Potholes; Remove Overgrown Vegetation on Public Ways; Broken Signs or Traffic Lights; Questions on Roadwork on Public Ways; Fallen Trees; Customer Service Questions
508-497-9765 Water Poor Water Quality, Color, or Smell
508-497-9760 Sewer Water Main Breaks
508-497-2323 Fire Department (NON Emergency) Smoke Detector / Fire Alarm Inspections, Obtain/Activate Permits, Administrative needs. Call 911 if you need an ambulance or to report a fire. 
508-497-3401 Police Department (NON Emergency) Public relations, non-emergency use only.  CALL 911 if you are experiencing an emergency.
508-497-9735 Animal Control All Domestic & Wild Animal Related Inquiries & Complaints
508-417-9360 Superintendent / School Committee All School Related Inquiries
508-497-9701 Town Manager / Select Board All Town Related Matters; Licensure; Insurance Claims; General Administration; Customer Service Complaints; Parade Permits
508-497-9710 Town Clerk Birth & Death Certificates; Register to Vote; Elections, Animal Licenses; Public Records
508-497-9781 Youth Services Education & Mental Health Resources for Children & Families
508-497-9730 Senior Center All Senior Citizen Related Services & Information
508-497-9725 Health Department Health Inspections; Public Health Inquiries & Complaints
508-383-1000 MetroWest Regional Medical Center If you have an emergency please call 911
508-473-1190 Milford Regional Medical Center If you have an emergency please call 911