Certificates, Licenses & Fees

The Town Clerk will mail upon request official forms normally provided over the counter.
To email the Clerk, please Include your full name and address with your request.

Obtaining a Dog License

All dog owners in the Town must obtain a license for their dog(s) six months or older on or before April 1. If not licensed on or before April 1 a late fee of $50.00 per household is added. The owner must produce evidence of the pet being neutered/spayed (if applicable) and a rabies vaccination certificate, which is valid as of the date of issuance.  You do not need to provide the same record multiple times and only need to show updated records to this office.  The fee for licensing intact female or male dogs is $15.00 and the fee for spayed or neutered dogs is $10.00. Kennel licenses are available as well by application provided by this office.  Licenses may be issued by mail if all required information is provided.

Certified Copies of Births, Deaths and Marriage Certificates

Certified copies of birth, death and marriage records are available from the Town Clerk and the State Registry of Vital Records and Statistics. Copies of vital records may be obtained in person or by mail. Call us to confirm our possession of the record at 508-497-9710 prior to payment of request.  To obtain records by mail a written request, the fee and a return stamped addressed envelope is required. Records may be ordered on line once they are confirmed by us - see below to pay fees online.  The fee for certified copies is $15.00 each.

Birth Certificates

The Town Clerk will have records of any birth that occurred in Hopkinton  (if the parent authorized a residential copy at the hospital).  

Death Certificates

The Town Clerk will have records of any death that occurred in Hopkinton and records of resident deaths that have occurred within the State of Massachusetts.  

Marriage Certificates

The Town Clerk will have marriage records of any couple who filed their marriage intention in Hopkinton.

Obtaining a Marriage License

Persons wishing to obtain a marriage license must file their intentions with the Town Clerk in person at least three days before the ceremony. A waiver may be obtained for the three-day waiting period after the marriage intention is filed. The license is valid for sixty days, and may be used for a ceremony conducted in any Massachusetts city or town. The fee is $40.00.

If you are not sure where the record you seek is filed, you may contact the State Registry of Vital Records (617-740-2600). The Registry maintains a central index and has copies of records for all births, deaths and marriages which occurred in the state.

Please contact the Town Clerk's Office to schedule an appointment at townclerk@hopkintonma.gov, or 508-497-9710.

Obtaining Business Certificate

All businesses being conducted in the town under a name other than your own or the corporation’s must file for a “doing business as” certificate with the Town Clerk. A list of “d/b/a” certificates is maintained as a public record and allows consumers to identify and locate the proprietor. The certificate must be renewed every four years. Notice of change of proprietor or discontinuance must be filed as well. The fee for filing is $40.00 and the fee for change of proprietor is $10.00. The certificate or change may be filed in person by appointment, or by mail witnessed by a notary.

Please contact the Town Clerk's Office to schedule an appointment at townclerk@hopkintonma.gov, or 508-497-9710.