The Assessing Department is responsible for accurately determining the value of all real and personal property, whether residential, commercial or industrial, located within the Town of Hopkinton for the purpose of taxation.

Assessors are obliged to determine the full and fair market value of all property as of January 1st each year for assessment on the fiscal year beginning the next July 1st, and to submit those values to the Department of Revenue for certification annually. The Assessors calculate and set the annual tax rate, and submit the Tax Rate Recapitulation Sheet to the Department of Revenue to be certified. The department is responsible for the administration of all property tax data records, and maintains accurate parcel ownership data based upon transactions recorded at the Registry of Deeds.

The staff of the Board of Assessors is available to assist in answering any questions or concerns about your property tax assessment.

  1. Fiscal Year 2024 Tax Classification Hearing Letter
  2. Fiscal Year 2024 Tax Classification Hearing PowerPoint
Hopkinton's Fiscal Year 2024 Tax Rate is $14.61/$1,000 of value for Residential Property and $14.60/$1,000 of value for Commercial, Industrial and Personal Property.

The Assessor's Office has compiled a tax relief information guidebook for Hopkinton Seniors. Click here for the guidebook.

Public Disclosure Notice to Hopkinton Taxpayers On Fiscal Year 2024 Proposed Values
Proposed Values for Real Estate and Personal Property for Fiscal Year 2024

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