Animal Control



The Hopkinton Animal Control Officer is available Monday through Friday during regular Town Hall business hours of 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.  Please be aware Hopkinton Animal Control is a one-person, part-time Department and may be serving other customers.  If the phone is not answered right away, please leave a message at 508-497-9735 or email and the Animal Control Officer will return your call the same day. 

For EMERGENCIES only outside of regular Town Hall business hours, please contact the Hopkinton Police Department at 508-497-3402 extension #2 for direct service.


All dogs in the Town of Hopkinton are required to be on a leash, or on the owner’s premises, between the hours of 7:00 AM and 8:00 PM. Even though the leash law ends after 8:00 PM, dogs cannot be a nuisance to neighbors.  Disorderly dogs are subject to the fining schedule outlined below.  Hopkinton Animal Control encourages all residents to work out disputes in a civil, neighborly fashion.  

All dogs to be found in violation of the leash law and are picked up by the Animal Control Officer or are repetitively disorderly are subject to the following fines:  Pick Up Fee: $15.00; 1st offense: $25.00; 2nd offense: $50.00; 3rd offense: $75.00 and subject to a public hearing.

In order to retain your dog, you must have a valid dog license and a valid rabies certificate.  To register your dog, please visit our Dog Licensing Portal or call the Town Clerk at 508-497-9710.


All dogs must be re-licensed each year Jan 1st - Mar 31st In order to obtain a license you must have a valid rabies certificate and a spay/neuter certificate.  Annual licenses go on sale on January 1st.   All dogs must wear their license and rabies tags. 

  • all dogs 6 months or older
  • just moved - 30 days to license
  • new dog over 6 months - 30 days to license
You can do this at any time of the year at the Town Clerk's office, via the Dog Licensing Portal , or calling the Town Clerk at 508-497-9710.
A LATE fee of $25.00 will occur to all dogs licensed after March 31. 


All dog and animal bites must be reported to the Animal Control Officer immediately at 508-497-9735.


Wildlife is protected by the State of Massachusetts Department of Fisheries and Wildlife. Contact: Westborough Fisheries and Wildlife - 508-792-7270 (questions).

Some general parameters to consider:

  • State law prohibits the removal or relocation of wildlife. The Animal Control officer can dispose of wildlife if it is suspicious of having rabies. - Problem Animal Control officers (P.A.C.), with the proper wildlife certificates, can remove nuisance wildlife.
  • If a human has been exposed to Wildlife, Animal Control recommends you see your physician immediately.  Please contact the Police Department and the Animal Control Officer.
  • If your pet has been exposed to Wildlife, we recommend you see you veterinarian and contact the Animal Control Officer.
  • It is not unusual for wildlife to be out during the day, as wildlife is on the move more and more every day due to encroachment.  Please be aware of your surroundings.
  • Please don’t feed the any wild animals!