Trails for Kids


There are so many fun ways to explore Hopkinton’s trails with kids. Here are some resources and tips.

Thank you to the Hopkinton Public Library for being a sponsor of the 2023 Hopkinton Trails Explorers Event:

Stroller-Friendly Trails

Some of the trails have gravel or stone dust portions while others have grass or a forest surface but with few bumps that you can use with a sturdy stroller. Consider a child carrier, either a papoose style or a backpack, when feasible, which means most trails in Hopkinton are appropriate. The Trails Club is donating a backpack carrier to the Library of Things so if you don’t have one, you can borrow that one. 

  • Center Trail

  • Hughes Trail

  • Mary Pratt Trail in the Fruit Street trail network

Activities for Kids on Trails

Kids can explore the forest and land as they use the trails - these activities can help direct them and teach them, in a fun way.

  • Name a feature - kids name the unusual features they see, like Dinosaur Rock

  • Scavenger hunt - kids look for items on a list like a pine cone, or a white pine tree, or a bird, or woodpecker holes in the tree

More Resources

These organizations provide many ideas and activities for kids enjoying trails and nature.

  • Hopkinton Public Library - Has a collection of trail and nature books designed for kids. Ask the children’s librarian about this.

  • YMCA MetroWest Family Outdoor Center - The non-profit group offers trails-related educational and recreational programs including geocaching and orienteering. For more information, see Outdoor Center.

  • Mass Audubon - Offers classes and guided walks, plus more resources for kids enjoying the natural environment. See

  • 1000 Hours Outside - A program that aims to help parents match green time with screen time. See

  • Natick Community Organic Farm - a free, local place that’s fun to explore, they also offer many tips for young ones to enjoy the trails. See

  • Hike It Baby - a website that lists many resources including at-home resources in its collection of tools. See