Welcome to Hopkinton
It all starts here

Hopkinton is a caring community.  In 2017, the Town Charter underwent it's first review.  Started as a proposal at Town Meeting, and then voted upon at Annual Town Election on May 15, 2017, the residents of Hopkinton accepted the following preable, "The Town of Hopkinton welcomes residents of all races, ethnicities, religions, abilities, gender identifications, and sexual orientations; the Town of Hopkinton, further, is committed to providing a climate of safety and acceptance to all residents. The Town of Hopkinton will actively address and resist acts of discrimination, bullying, or intimidation."

The Town of Hopkinton was established in 1715 and gains widespread media attention each year in April when the internationally known Boston Marathon is run. Runners from all over the world gather on Main Street to begin their 26.2 mile run in what is always a colorful and exciting event. Hopkinton's resourcefulness and spirit is shared by Town residents, the local business and industrial communities, who volunteer and participate in town government and contribute generously to community projects and programs. All play a part in carrying in the town's 300 years of history and tradition as a caring place to live. 

Public and private recreational facilities in town include Hopkinton State Park, Whitehall State Park, the Town beach on Lake Maspenock, fishing, tennis courts, playgrounds, the Hopkinton Country Club and the YMCA Family Outdoor Center. 

Cultural events include the Hopkinton Polyarts Festival, Fourth of July parade and bonfire, and the summer concert series on the Town Common. The Town is proud of its community-supported educational system, its new, expanded, recycling facility and its leaf and brush composting program

 In an unusual welcoming gesture, the Board of Selectmen writes a letter to each new resident describing Hopkinton's facilities and programs and urging them to involve themselves in Town affairs as part of "warm and friendly Hopkinton".