Department Voicemail -- NOT FOR EMERGENCY USE

To leave a message for a specific Officer, please dial (508) 435-2123 and use an extension provided below.

Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Police Joseph Bennett Chief x1227
Police John Porter Lieutenant x1230
Police Scott vanRaalten Detective Sergeant x1208
Police Timothy Brennan Sergeant x1203
Police Aaron O'Neil Sergeant x1292
Police Matthew McNeil Sergeant x1291
Police William Burchard Sergeant x1275
Police Arthur Schofield Sergeant x1297
Police Gregg DeBoer Detective x1279
Police Philip Powers School Resource Officer x1294
Police Stephen Buckley Officer x1274
Police Mathew Santoro School Resource Officer x1259
Police Brian Sanchioni K9 Officer x1261
Police Brendon Lyver Officer x1293
Police Moira McGaffigan Officer / Firearms Licensing x1207
Police Jay Deiana Officer / Firearms Licensing x1290
Police Benjamin Stickney Detective x1273
Police Ryan Polselli Officer / Firearms Licensing x1280
Police Robert Ekross Officer x1299
Police Tyler Brabham Officer x1269
Police Jessica Ferreira Officer x1284
Police Cody Normandin Officer X1278
Police Brittany Firth Officer X1289
Police Nathan Wright Officer X1276
Police Kevin Sager Officer
Police Shannon Beloin Officer x 1262
Police Meaghan DeRaad Dispatcher Supervisor x1225
Police Nicole Corsi Dispatcher
Police Evan Brooks Dispatcher
Police Kiley Davis Dispatcher
Police Brenda Stanley Dispatcher
Police Kevin Riess Dispatcher
Police Farai Sithole Dispatcher
Police Brittany Remillard Dispatcher
Police Steven Iadarola Part-Time Dispatcher
Police Jane Goodman Part-Time Dispatcher
Police Ben Campbell Part-Time Dispatcher
Police Ryan Reilly Part-Time Dispatcher
Police Sarah Murphy Dispatcher
Police Shannon Casey Dispatcher
Police Carmen Cifuentes Dispatcher
Police Farai Sithole Part-Time Dispatcher