To emergency personnel it could mean the difference between life and death, just in time or too late. To a homeowner it could mean “why did they pass by?”, or “why aren’t they here?”
To explain this you need to understand what emergency personnel responding to your home or business are up against. Whether it’s the ambulance responding to a medical or a fire truck responding to an investigation, it’s of utmost importance to have your property clearly numbered. Can it be seen at night so emergency personnel can locate it?

Things to remember:
When emergency personnel are responding to your home they will be looking for your house number. Keep in mind that if you put a gold colored number on a white house, the numbers become very hard to read; black numbers on a white background is the best. You have to have some kind of contrast in the colors. If you place the number on the door, remember not to put a wreath or any ornaments on the door as it will block the view of the number. If marked on a curb or post in the yard, the winter months will cause problems if not maintained properly.

If you look around you will realize some of the problems we are faced with everyday and understand how easy it is to correct them, making our arrival just a little easier. Our goal is to have an efficient and effective response with no delays.

How can you make it better?
First thing you have to do is ask yourself a few questions. Is my home or business clearly marked with the street number? Are the numbers large enough? Can they be seen at night? Can they be seen from the road? Is there anything I can do to make them more visible and not cause a delay in an emergency?

Things to do:
All numbers shall be Arabic numerals, a minimum of four inches in height, contrasting in color to the structure, shall be placed on the knob side of the door and well lit at night. The numbers shall be clearly visible from the street. If not clearly visible from the street, additional numbers shall be placed so they are clearly visible from the street at the point of entry to the property, visible from both directions.

Make sure your street signs are up and visible.