Town of Hopkinton
Office of the Parking Clerk
Parking Clerk/Hearing Officer

A Parking Hearing must be appealed within twenty-one (21) days of the issuance of said ticket, along with a legible copy of the parking ticket being disputed.  Please fill out the Parking Hearing Request Form, including a brief description of why you are disputing the ticket. You may also include any documentation for the Hearing Officer’s review at the time of submitting the Parking Hearing Request. Please submit all documents to the Selectmen’s Office, 18 Main Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748 or by email to:

Parking Hearings are conducted by appointment at the Hopkinton Police Station located at 74 Main Street. The applicant will be notified of the date and time to meet with the Hearing Officer. If you are not satisfied with the Hearing Officer’s decision, you have the right to appeal your parking violation by filing a formal appeal with the Middlesex Superior Court, 40 Thorndike Street, Cambridge, MA 02141. Failure to appear before the Hearing Officer on the given date and time will result in denial of your appeal and late fees will be added to the violation.

Parking tickets issued by the Hopkinton Police Department will be aggressively enforced. The burden of proof rests with the party appealing the ticket.  When appealing a violation, evidence such as photographs of the vehicle at the parking location need to be included in order for the appeal of a violation to be considered. Undeniable proof indicating the violation was issued incorrectly needs to be provided. Absence of required documentation could result in the denial of the appeal.

Please take note of the following restrictions:

Parking on a Fire Lane is strictly enforced and will result with a Parking ticket. If there is an emergency and a vehicle is parked in a Fire Lane, the parked vehicle will be removed.

Handicap Parking violations are strictly enforced. The fee for a Handicap Parking violation is $100. The Handicap Parking space includes the virtual lines along the side of the vehicles’ parking space and is, in fact, an extension of the Handicap Parking space for those in need of a wheelchair, a walker etc. when exiting the vehicle. (It is noted that there is a new Massachusetts Law intended to identify people who fraudulently use a handicap license or placard to illegally obtain a choice parking space; and that Governor Charlie Baker marked the signing of a bill on November 27, 2017, stating that “the disabled parking spots should be reserved only for the States most vulnerable citizens”.)