When should I call the Water Department ?

When to call the Water Department

  • Please call the Water Department before conducting any excavation in your yard. We will come out and mark your water service for you, to prevent any damage to your pipes. You may also need to contact Dig-Safe, depending on the scope of work.
  • Please call the Water Dept. before resurfacing your Driveway. Many times the water shutoff is located in your driveway and if it is paved over, we would not be able to shut your water off in an emergency. Call to have us check and if it is, we can make arrangements to raise it for you.
  • Please call the Water Dept. if you plan to finish off your basement. Access to your water meter and main shutoff valve is essential, in case of an emergency. The water meter and valve should never be walled in.
  • Please call the Water Dept. if you are planning to redo the siding or shingles on your house and you need your outside water meter register, moved or removed.