Drainlayers and Grinder Pumps

Grinder Pump

For residents that have a grinder pump installed, please read the information that came with the pump. A garbage disposal should not be used if you have a grinder pump and no foreign material should flushed. Glass, metals, seafood shells, egg shells, diapers, rags, cloth, plastics, diapers, sanitary napkins and tampons can cause damage to the pump. If you do have a problem with your grinder pump please call FR Mahony 781-982-9300(FR Mahony is the local distributor for the E-1 grinder pump). 

Drainlayer Listing

  • DL 194 Aldore Tetreault & Sons, Inc; Mendon, MA 508-473-9384
  • DL 206 Trinity Industries; Hopkinton, MA 508-989-0501
  • DL 210 High Acres Associates, Inc; Hopkinton, MA 508-435-5927
  • DL 213 Canesi Bros. Construction, Inc; Franklin, MA 508-541-9200
  • DL 215 Construction Materials Service, Inc; Marlboro, MA 508-481-0011
  • DL 223 WJ Deiana Backhoe Service; Hopkinton, MA 508-435-5149
  • DL 226 Titan Contractors; Holliston, MA 508-429-8877
  • DL 227 Steve Caya Construction; Northbridge, MA 508-864-7754
  • DL 228 CJ Mabardy, Inc; Cambridge, MA 617-354-7580
  • DL 229 Kevin Dorsey; Milford, MA 508-294-8723
  • DL 230 Cianbro Corporation; Bloomfield, CT 207-416-3847
  • DL 231 N.E. Property Services, Inc; Bristol, RI 401-952-3985
  • DL 232 Scott Septic, Inc; Hopkinton, MA 508-435-4168
  • DL 233 Barrows Contracting; Upton, MA 508-529-4708
  • DL 234 Olson Pipe Co; Ringe, NH 603-731-5070
Other contractors may be contacted and can apply for a drainlayer's license.