Cross Connection Information

The Hopkinton Water & Sewer Division has a State required Cross Connection Control program in effect. The purpose of this program is to ensure the health and safety of the public drinking water supply for all water users. An essential part of this program is the testing of all Double Check Valve Assembly and Reduced Pressure Zone backflow prevention devices.

The department has recently contracted these services to be performed by Waster Safety Services of Woburn, MA. They are a well established company that is used by numerous communities for this purpose. All testers are in a WSS uniform and will be scheduling tests between the hours of 8am to 4pm. There phone number is 781-932-8787 and e-mail is Please be advised that these tests are mandated by the State to ensure public health. Failure to have our devices tested could result in water service termination. We appreciate your cooperation with this very important process and should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Backflow Prevention

With the expanding use of irrigation systems using town water, and other potential backflows present, we are compelled to present information on cross-connections. Examples around the home include: hand held fertilizer applicators, laundry sink spigot below the overflow of the sink, and buried irrigation piping. Leaving your running hose submerged in the pool while filling is also a potential backflow. The Department has instituted a free hose bib program while supplies are available. These bibs can be attached to your outside silcock and will prevent the backflow or back-siphonage of potentially dangerous chemicals into your home. Commercially these include: water for an equipment process, filling of hydro-seeding trucks, and fire sprinklers. A sudden loss in water pressure due to a main break could result in non-potable or contaminated water being introduced into the distribution system. If a person plans to perform these activities a backflow prevention device should be utilized. Commercial applications are already protected and annually inspected by the DPW. We are requesting that each homeowner be aware of the potential danger. For more information please contact our cross control coordinator, Jed Fenneuff at 508-497-9765.