The Hopkinton Cemetery Commission has recently restored and reopened for use the town’s charming Comey Chapel, located in Evergreen Cemetery, at 304 Wood St. in Woodville. This ecumenical chapel has seating for 50 and can be used for memorials, funerals, or other small services. 

Photo from eHOP March 18, 2017
The Comey Chapel was built in 1918 by son of Woodville and Civil War veteran Henry Newton Comey. It was dedicated to the many members of the Comey family who served during the Civil War, as well as to Henry Newton Comey’s wife Augusta Wood Comey. H.N. Comey served all four years of the Civil War and later stood guard in the courtroom throughout the trial of the Lincoln conspirators. His experiences and those of the eight Comeys who served, tell a remarkable story of valor and love of country. The Chapel was deeded from the Woodville Old Home Association to the Town of Hopkinton in 1948. It had been closed for over 30 years and had fallen into disrepair. Through volunteer efforts and Community Preservation Act funding for roof replacement, this charming stone chapel has been restored for the townspeople to use again for memorials or other small services.
Brothers Lawson & Alphonso Comey were both killed in the Civil War.  No one Hopkinton family paid a higher price than the Comey Family. Lawson died near New Orleans, during the battle at Brashear City in June of 1863.  Alphonso Comey was killed in the battle of Cold Harbor, June 3. 1864.  Cold Harbor was the last of Grant's Overland Campaign before he settled in the for 10 month siege of Petersburg, that eventually ended the war.  Cold Harbor is remembered for it's incredible slaughter.  At the worst point, troops including Alphonso Comey in the 25th Mass. charged over a field of open ground against Confederates strongly dug in with deep log-reinforced trenches.  8,000 were killed in 20 min., including Alphonso Comey. It was the only assault that Grant later said he regretted.

This little chapel can meet the needs of those seeking a quiet and lovely setting to hold a modest service. Although it does not have heat, electricity, or restrooms, there is abundant natural light, the room can be candlelit, and there is a handsome working stone fireplace for use in cooler weather. The chapel can be used in the spring, summer, or fall. 

Arrangements for using this beautiful historic chapel are handled through the office of the Hopkinton Town Clerk.