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ARTICLE VIII Minutes of Public Bodies [Added 5-1-2017 ATM, Article 41] § 5-29.

Meeting Minutes.

A. Approval of Minutes. All boards, committees, and commissions of the Town shall approve the minutes of their open session or executive session meetings within forty (40) calendar days of the meeting, or at its next meeting, whichever is later.

B. Review of Executive Session Minutes. Executive session minutes shall be reviewed at least quarterly to determine whether continued non-disclosure of the minutes is warranted. Such determination must be announced at the next open session meeting of the board or committee.

C. Town Clerk. Within ten (10) calendar days of approving open session minutes, the board, committee, or commission shall provide the Town Clerk with a copy of the open session minutes. Within ten (10) calendar days of determining that continued non-disclosure of executive session minutes is no longer warranted, the board or committee shall provide the Town Clerk with a copy the executive session minutes. If a portion of the executive session minutes is subject to continued non-disclosure, a redacted version of the executive session minutes shall be provided.

D. Posting on the Town’s Website. Boards, committees, or commissions shall provide copies of all open session and public executive session minutes to a Records Access Officer within the same time frame specified in Subsection C of this Section. The Records Access Officer shall, to the extent feasible, cause such minutes to be posted on the Town’s website within ten (10) calendar days. Minutes redacted in compliance with Subsection C above, shall be posted in redacted form.

E. Effect. Failure to comply with this Section shall not impact the validity of any decision, action, or vote taken by the board or committee. Compliance with this Section shall not relieve any individual from responsibility as a records custodian under the Public Records Law or as a member of a public body under the Open Meeting Law.

The Town Clerk will be the depository of these documents for the town. The Town Clerk will coordinate posting of the minutes on the Town web site.

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