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Residential Wiring Permit Fees

Approved by selectmen 4/20/99

New House/New Condo Unit                                  

100/200 Amps $135.00
Plus each additional 100 Amps  $50.00

Service Changes to Existing House                                   

100/200 Amps$50.00
Plus each additional 100 Amps$50.00
Sub panel$35.00
Temporary Service$35.00
One Room Additions & Renovations    $50.00
More Than 1 RM. Addition$60.00
Minor Repairs & Fixtures
(includes A/C systems $30. or 2 A/C systems within the same structure = $50.)
Swimming Pools & Spas$60.00
Sewer Tie-Ins $40.00
Smoke Detectors$40.00
Burglar Alarm Systems
(No additional fee is charged if the electrician performing regular work, also installs alarm)

Industrial/Non-Residential Wiring:

$50 for the first $10,000 valuation of electrical work.

$8 per thousand-dollar valuation of electrical work over $10,000.

Minimum fee:  $50.00

Sign:              $50.00

Alarm Systems-Low Voltage

Wiring Key Pad Systems: $50.00

Reinspection Fees$25.00 (for each re-inspection including incomplete work.)
Double FeeFor failure to take out permit.
24-Hour NoticeRequired for all inspections and work must be complete. 
Please call the Hopkinton Inspectional Services Department:508-497-9745.
Marathon Day Permits$50.00