You Should Know

Know where your main shutoff valve is located: 
Make sure every family member knows it’s location and how to shut it off in an emergency. Your valve is located just before your water meter. If you are not sure of it's location please call the water department for help.

Check to make sure that it works. If it does not or if it is difficult to turn, please call the water department to have it replaced.

Here are pictures of what your main water valve and meter could look like.


Your water meter is the best detective in the home. It can tell whether you have a leak, how big the leak is, and how much water various appliances use. Your meter records use in cubic feet, like your car records miles on the odometer. If you have one of the new brass Neptune or Sensus meters, you can easily check for a leak yourself. There is a small red or black triangular dial on the meter head. This is a low flow indicator. Check to make sure that no water that you know of is running. Then watch the dial. If it is moving then you know that there is a leak. You may have to check it on several occasions. Be aware that toilets, faucets, and lawn sprinklers do not necessarily leak constantly. A toilet leak may not occur until the water drains to a certain height in the tank. It then runs to fill it up again and shuts off until it leaks down to that point again. If you have a faucet with an old gasket, it can take a lot of pressure to shut if off fully. With different people using the faucet, it may not always be shut off completely. Sprinkler heads, sometimes remain partially open leaking unseen water on to the lawn. When they are again turned on fully, the valve may then close properly.

Even though you may not visibly see the leak or your meter moving, that does not mean that you do not have a leak.

To check how much your appliances use, take the start reading on your meter. When it is done, take the end reading and subtract it from the start reading. *If there is a permanent "0" stamped at the end, be sure to include this in your reading. Then multiply by 7.48 to determine the amount of gallons used.

Always shut off your washing machine hose when done. Old hoses can rupture causing major water damage. We have seen the damage done first hand and unfortunately it happens more often than you think! When going away in the winter, make sure the heat is not turned down too low to avoid frozen and split pipes.

If you live West of 495 and South of Spring St., make sure you do not use bleach in your wash. The bleach will react with the iron in the water, creating a major iron stain.

If you have a leaky faucet or toilet, fix the leak immediately! If you are a tenant please notify your landlord immediately of any leaks, so that they may be fixed. Even though you may not be paying for the water, it is important to save every drop we can!

Did you know that each lawn sprinkler head uses between 3 and 5 gallons per minute? That can add up very quickly on your bill. Read your water meter before you turn on your system and then read it when it has shut off. Subtract the two numbers and multiply that by 7.48 to see how many gallons of water they use.

Oscillating above ground sprinklers, like the one pictured below, also can use up to 5 gallons per minute.

If you have a high water bill, please read the F.A.Q.'s

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