Water Department FAQ's

Q: I am going to be moving, what do I need to do? 

A: Please call to schedule an appointment at least one week in advance, for a final meter reading.  We do NOT need access to inside the home.  All finals are processed on Tuesday of each week.  Once the meter is read, you can pay the bill at the Treasurer’s office. Please provide us with the name of the new owners.

Q: Is the water safe to drink? 

A: Yes, the water meets or exceeds all D.E.P. and E.P.A. standards.

Q: Is fluoride added to the water? 

A: No, there is a small amount, which is naturally in the water.

Q: How can I find out my current water-sewer bill balance?

A: Contact the treasurer's office at 497-9715

Q: Why is the the water discolored? 

A: This could be one of several factors. It may be due to a water main break, the use of fire hydrants by the Fire dept. or routine water main flushing by the water dept. When possible, the water customers will be notified in advance, unless it is an emergency. Customers should avoid doing laundry, until the water returns to normal.

Q: Why does my water have a yellow tinge and why does my sink, toilets and dishwasher have and orange/brown stain? 

A: There is iron in the water, (predominately in the west side of town), which sometimes becomes noticeable when introduced to the air. We have a product that we give to our customers called "Iron Out", which will remove the stains. Although these discoloration’s are unsightly, they pose no immediate health risks. But as always, check with your doctor, about iron levels.

Q: Why does my water have a white, milky look? 

A: This is due to air, which is either in your plumbing or in the water mains after a break. Run the water from each faucet in our home, to bleed it out.

Q: I have just received my water bill, why is it higher than normal? My meter must be wrong. 

A: If you have just hooked up to sewer, note that you sewer rate is more than double the water rate! Although you use the same amount of water, your bill may double.

You may have had a new meter installed to replace your stopped or slow registering meter, the rate may have recently been raised, you may have leaky faucets or toilets, your underground sprinklers may be on longer than you think or you may have a leak. You may have had a lot of outside use on lawns, gardens, cars and swimming pools. As meters age, the internal parts begin to wear and the registering rate actually slows down. Our most common findings, are that there is a leaking fixture in the house or the customer is unaware of how much water they actually use, especially outdoors. Please Read

Q: I have recently moved to town and have not received a water bill. Will I get one? 

A: Everyone is billed twice a year. Depending on your location you are billed every six months, either Jan-Jul, Feb-Aug, Mar-Sep, Apr-Oct, May-Nov, Jun-Dec. If you have not received your bill after 6 months, please call the Water Dept.

Q: I have low pressure what can I do? 

A: First check to see if it is one faucet or all the faucets. If it is one, unscrew the aerator and clean out the screen. If the problem exists throughout the house, and you have a filter, replace the cartridge, as they often become plugged. If the problem persists, you may have a plugged or leaking service line, especially if it is iron pipe. You can call to receive an estimate to have our pipe replaced. Click here to see how Iron pipes become clogged.  If you live near one of the storage tanks, either by the high school or on Bear Hill by West Main and School St., you may need a booster pump to increase your pressure.