Mission Statement

  • To provide the Town of Hopkinton and it's Citizens with a safe drinking water
    supply, water for fire protection, and an adequate supply of water for their essential
    daily needs.
  • To pursue additional water sources, to protect current sources and to manage

    existing supplies, for the benefit of all.

  • To react in a timely, professional manner, to all inquires, problems, and requests, of

    the citizens and officials of the Town of Hopkinton.

  • To maintain the well fields, distribution system, storage reservoirs, and fire hydrants.
  • Our goal is to provide the best potable water supply to our customers.

Scope of Work

The department repairs old and leaking services, installs services to new homes and checks and maintains all hydrants, painting, weed whacking, and greasing them in the summer and shoveling and marking them in the winter. A survey of all the pumping stations and surrounding lands, along with the storage tanks is conducted twice a year. Also, a leak survey of the entire distribution system is conducted and all leaks are immediately repaired. A yearly hydrant flushing program is also carried out to help improve water quality. The department also maintains four service trucks, one dump truck, one backhoe and several pieces of water related equipment (pipe cutters, pipe tapping tools, pipe thawing equipment, generators, pipe locating and leak locating equipment) etc.

Other functions of the department consists of inspecting customer homes for leaks, low pressure, old and non-functioning main shutoff valves, corroded and plugged water service lines and old and malfunctioning water meters. Location and marking of service lines for other contractors. Inspection of all licensed pipe layers work on the water system. Filing of all pertinent state reporting for water testing, water usage, chemical treatment and backflow prevention. Attending state and local hearings for changes in the water supply rules and regulation.

Employees also attend seminars on such topics as, water treatment, distribution system maintenance, pump and fire hydrant maintenance, backflow prevention, computer skills, management skills, public relations and emergency procedures. All licensed pump operators are required to take refresher courses to maintain there drinking water license.