Hopkinton Water Works 1879

Picture Of The Water Tower, Where The Current Towers Are Now At The High School

The town had been agitating the question of the introduction of a water system for some years and different sources of supply had been suggested. Reservoirs had been constructed near Coburn's shop on Hayden Rowe Street and also on Main Street, also drinking fountains in different places.

In 1879 a Boston firm was engaged to bore a well near the "steam mill" to furnish water for these reservoirs, the contract demanding a flow of 300 gallons an hour.

In 1881 the town voted to drive two wells and erect a wind mill to do the pumping; also a reservoir near Phipps' Box Factory and to lay pipes for fire and other purposes, the expense not to exceed $15,000.00. The reservoir was to have a capacity of 112,500 gallons.

Improvements have been made from time to time, more wells driven, the tank enlarged, steam substituted for wind power, till the town can boast a never failing supply of pure water, ample for all necessary purposes. Early in 1896, a banquet was given at the Reservoir house in Woodville in honor of the extension of the water works to that village.

Water Department Employees
Superintendent Eric Carty, foreman Louie Mongiat, meter technician, Bob Wright, equipment operators, Mat Gogan, Dan Bates and Mike Fredette, and clerk/dispatcher, Jean Scarlata. The five regular employees also act as pump operators licensed by the State Board of Drinking Water Supply.

DPW Advisory Board Dan McIntyre
Jim Pyne
Eric Sonnett