Water Facts

Water Conversion Factors
One cubic foot of water=7.48 gallons
Water weighs: 8.34 lb/gal - 62.4 lb/cu.ft
One cubic foot=1728 cu.in.
One pound of pressure will raise water 2.31 feet.
One gallon per minute =1440 gallons per day.
One oscillation lawn sprinkler will disperse 4 to 8 gallons per minute.

Water Facts

Some 80% of the world is covered by water or ice. Only abut 20% is dry land.

97% of the water on earth is salty ocean and 2% is frozen. The remaining 1% is available to meet human needs.

In 1652, Boston became the country's first incorporated water works system.

If you're an adult, your body contains about 40 quarts or 10 gallons of water.

A man's body is 60-65% water. A woman's is 50-60% water. The human brain is about 75% water.

Muscle tissue contains a large amount of water. Fat tissues contain virtually no water. Men tend to have more muscle as a percentage of body weight while women have more fat.

You lose 2.5 to 3 quarts of water per day through normal elimination, sweating and breathing. If you exercise or live in a humid climate, you may lose another quart.

It has zero calories and zero sugar, but a good drink of water can reduce hunger. Water also helps rid the body of wastes.

Lawn sprinkling uses the most water outdoors. Inside, toilets use the most, with an average of 27 gallons per person per day. Laundry averages 17 gallons per person per day and showers 14 gallons.

Typically, less than 1% of the treated drinking water produced by utilities is actually consumed by people. Most goes for lawns, showers and tubs, toilets, etc.

Did you know that the original water mains, were trees with the middle hollowed out?

Did you know that when water freezes, the volume can expand up to 9%?

You can survive about a month without food, but only 5 to 7 days without water.

If every household in America had a faucet that dripped once each second, we would waste 928 million gallons of water a day.

It takes more than 39,000 gallons of water to manufacture a new car, including tires.

It takes 1,500 gallons of water to make 1 barrel of beer.

75% of a tree is water. The five great lakes contain about 20% of the world's available water.

One gallon of gasoline can contaminate approximately 750,000 gallons of water, which is one days pumping for the town of Hopkinton.

The average daily demand for fresh water is 338 billion gallons a day, with only 38 billion used for drinking and cooking.

61% of American's rely on lakes, rivers and streams as their source of drinking water. The other 39% rely on groundwater, located in aquifers and wells.