Water Distribution System

The Water pumps are run during the nighttime hours to save on electricity costs. The water is pumped to the storage tanks, which are located in high elevation  areas. During the day, water is then feed back into to the system by gravity.

1. WATER MAINS Miles of water mains carry water from our well fields to you premises.

2. SERVICE LINE These are pipes that go from the water main to your building. The water department owns from the water main to the curb line. The customer owns the remaining portion-to and into the building.

3. TAP This is the connection at the water main for the service line to our building.

4. CURB VALVE The valve that controls the flow of water to your building.

5. CURB BOX OR ROD BOX A cylindrical cast iron box with a cover, at the property line, that provides access to the curb valve.

6. CURB BOX COVER Protects the valve and keeps the box free of dirt and foreign matter.

7. CELLAR VALVE Controls the flow of all water coming into the premises

8. WATER METER Records how much water you use. Usually is located inside the building.

9. PRESSURE REDUCING VALVE (only in high pressure area. see PSI map. Controls and regulates the pressure of water coming into the building.

10. REMOTE METER REGISTER Permits us to obtain meter reading without entering the premises.

11. FIRE HYDRANT Provides water for fire protection and permits the department to flush the water mains to maintain water quality.