Information & Updates

Information & Updates
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Scope of Work:

The department maintains the system daily. The town currently does not have a treatment plant. Wastewater is pumped to Westborough for treatment. The sewer mains are cleaned and maintained by the department. The Sewer Department is responsible for the inspection of new service connections performed by licensed contractors. Eight pump stations and an oxygen chamber are maintained all year round. Pumps, generators and oxinators receive daily maintenance. The department also maintains two trucks,  one portable pump and several pieces of wastewater related equipment. Other functions of the department include: replacing old or faulty parts, location and marking service lines for other digging contractors, filing of all pertinent state reporting for wastewater connection and chemical treatment and attending state and local hearings for changes in the wastewater rules and regulations as well potential funding. Repair and maintenance of all pumps, manholes and other parts of the sewer system

Employees attend seminars on such topics as, wastewater treatment, collection system maintenance, pump and equipment maintenance, computer skills, management skills, public relations and emergency procedures. All licensed pump operators are required to take refresher courses to maintain their state wastewater license.

Town of Hopkinton Sewer Connections Phases 4 & 5

The Board of Health would like to inform residents that it has no mandatory requirements for connection to the sewer in phases 4 and 5. Unlike phases 1, 2, and 3, Title 5 currently requires that no new system shall be constructed or and existing system upgraded or expanded if it is feasible to connect to a sanitary sewer. When existing systems within phases 4 and 5 fail, each site will be evaluated to determine the most feasible way correct the failure.

There is no change to the Board of Health policy requiring connection in phase 1, 2, and 3. Any questions concerning the Board of Health regulations should be directed to the Board of Health, 508-497-9725 Any questions concerning sewer regulations should be directed to the Sewer Department., 508-497-9760.

Grinder Pump

For residents that have a grinder pump installed, please read the information that came with the pump. A garbage disposal should not be used if you have a grinder pump and no foreign material should flushed. Glass, metals, seafood shells, egg shells, diapers, rags, cloth, plastics, diapers, sanitary napkins and tampons can cause damage to the pump. If you do have a problem with your grinder pump please call  FR Mahony 781-982-9300 for emergency repairs. (FR Mahony is the local distributor for the E-1 grinder pump).

Drainlayer Listing
  • William Deiana, Hopkinton 435-5149
  • H.C. Larter Co., Hopkinton 435-4328
  • J.C. Parmenter, Hopkinton 435-3381
  • Beavers Exc., 435-5022
The comprehensive wastewater management plan has been approved. There are reports available for reviewing, at town hall, the library and the DPW.