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East Main Street Repairs


The Hopkinton DPW completed the last of the repairs to the East Main Street slope stabilization project today by paving the edge of road.  This is the final step to reestablishing the slope that was washed out by Tropical Storm Irene.  The DPW managed the construction which included design of a repair by Weston & Sampson Engineers, construction of a new slope by Deiana Backhoe Service of Hopkinton, installation of new guardrail and chain link fence by Bartlett Consolidated, and final paving by the DPW Team.


The DPW greatly appreciates your support.



John K. Westerling

Your Director of Public Works





The DPW will oversee the replacement of a sewer main and road reconstruction on Elm Street beginning on June 27, 2011.  The construction will continue through August but will end before school starts up again.  We encourage you to seek alternate routes because Elm Street will be closed to through traffic during construction.  This project will improve existing sewer flows through an undersized pipe and will replace the deteriorated road surface.

Final Marathon Preparations

The DPW makes final preparations for the Marathon before the gun fires on Monday.  The DPW contracted to have all of the statues and plaques polished, it transferred the bleachers from the school, it contracted to have the crosswalks and lines painted in the streets, it refreshed the mulch in the flower beds, and so many other tasks.  The DPW will work this weekend putting out trash barrels, setting up tables, posting No Parking signs, and all of the other details that make the day run smoothly.  The world’s attention will be focused on Hopkinton on Monday and the DPW is proud to be part of this successful event.

April Fools…not funny!

The DPW responded to an April Fools’ day snowstorm that dumped several inches of heavy, wet snow.  The snow brought down trees and power lines that had to be cleared by the DPW with the assistance of NStar.  The DPW also treated the roads with sand and salt and plowed off the heavy snow.  The weekend’s forecast: 50 degrees and sunny.  April Fools!

Spring Cleanup

The DPW began the process of spring cleanup at the Town Common to welcome Spring and the Boston Marathon.  The Common is a focal point of the community and the starting point of the Marathon.  The DPW takes great pride in the appearance of the Common and makes every effort to ensure that it is beautiful when the world’s attention is focused there on April 18th

The DPW will spend the next two weeks raking out the flower beds and the turf, mowing the turf to vacuum the leaves and debris, spreading fresh mulch, planting flowers, sweeping the streets and sidewalks in the area, and cleaning the cemetery across the street.  The DPW will also manage the contractor that paints the crosswalks and the one that polishes the statues and plaques at the common.  It is our hope that our efforts help add to the success of the Boston Marathon and create a beautiful location for your enjoyment throughout the Spring and Summer.
Signs of Spring
Blossoms are emerging, birds are chirping and the DPW is sweeping.  The DPW began the process of sweeping up all of the sand left behind after the long, hard winter.  The DPW will utilize both of its sweepers to sweep all of the Town’s public roads in order to provide safe vehicular and pedestrian travel, to keep the sand out of the drainage infrastructure, and to help beautify the neighborhoods.  The DPW will sweep the center of Town in anticipation of the marathon and then will move into other areas as outlined on the Highway Department’s webpage.