Stove and Fireplace Ash Recycling Notice

The Hopkinton DPW, working in partnership with EL Harvey, will collect ashes from Hopkinton residents' stoves and fireplaces at the Recycling Center, located at 135 Wood Street, on Saturdays from 7:30 pm through 3:00 pm. A dumpster is provided for residents to dump their ashes. All containers used to transport the ashes must be removed from the site by the residents.​

Residents are encouraged to read the Public Service Announcement provided by Fire Chief Slaman to ensure the proper handling of their ash (attached). In general, ashes cleaned out from the stove or fireplace should be shoveled into a metal bucket with a metal lid, placed outside, on the ground, away from the building, to prevent fires. Do not place ashes into a paper bag or cardboard box. Ashes and embers can stay hot for days and ignite combustibles