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Tax Relief Committee

The Tax Relief Committee oversees the Hopkinton Elderly and Disabled Tax Relief Fund. The Fund was established in 1998 to provide financial assistance to needy residents in the payment of their real estate taxes. The Fund is supported solely by donations from generous residents and organizations. The amount of relief is dependent on the number of applicants and the amount available in the fund. Since its formation, tax relief distributions approximating $92,000 have been made. 

Members of the Committee include the Town Treasurer, Chairman of the Board of Assessors, and three at-large citizens appointed by the Board of Selectmen.
Donations are always needed and are gratefully accepted at any time. Convenient donation forms are also provided with each property tax bill. Checks may be made payable to the Town of Hopkinton, Elderly and Disabled Tax Relief Fund, and sent to the Town Treasurer. All donations are tax deductible.

Applications for assistance are due by December 31 of each year. Application forms are available from the Board of Assessors, the Hopkinton Senior Center, or can be downloaded here (PDF file).