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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to remove labels from cans and bottles before recycling them?
No, recycling is much easier than it used to be. Labels may be left on cans and bottles.

Must I separate paper from paperboard (for example, cereal boxes) and cardboard?
No, for curbside recycling it is no longer necessary to separate paper from paperboard or cardboard. All paper products are mixed together.

How thoroughly do I have to rinse cans and bottles before recycling them?
Residual food contaminates the recyclable product. Cans, bottles, plastic jugs or food containers should be clean and without any food residue.

Must I remove all scotch tape from cardboard boxes before recycling?
No. Tape and labeling can remain on the cardboard.

Is it OK to recycle gift wrap, tissue paper, or children’s drawings with crayons or markers?
Gift wrap and children’s drawings and other marked paper material can be recycled. Tissue paper, because of its density, is not recyclable.

What may I use to collect my recyclables?
The best thing about recycling is that you can collect your recyclables in a recycled container -  an old laundry basket, an old trash barrel, even a paper bag can be used to collect your recyclables. Also, containers with lids are available at local hardware and department stores.

If it is raining on recycle pick - up day, do I need to cover my recyclables so they don’t get wet?
No. It doesn’t matter if the paper material is wet. The haulers know to carefully test and lift paper containers on inclement weather days.

If I miss a recycling pick - up, is there a way to dispose of my recyclables before the next scheduled pick-up date?
Yes, you may drop off your recyclables at the Recycling Center on Route 135 on Saturdays from 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.