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Oral History Project

What Is Your Hopkinton Story? 

The Community Preservation Committee (CPC) has made available to the Hopkinton Historical Commission through the Community Preservation Act (CPA), a unique opportunity to create an Oral History that will be part of our historical record.

The Hopkinton Oral History Project will result in a broadly available and lasting resource for the entire community. The oral memories of its citizens, as captured through semi-structured recorded interviews, will provide current and future residents an invaluable resource and insight into the town’s past through the decades preceding and including its explosive growth from the rural small town it was to the dynamic larger town it has become.

This project is endorsed by the Senior Center and we are interested in hearing your personal stories, memories of topographical areas or even local legends.

Have you lived in Hopkinton during a significant portion of your life?

• Operated a business in Town

• Served in local government

• Raised your children in Town

• Witnessed local historic events

• Attended school in Town

Interviews will be held either at your home or in a quiet room at the Senior Center and can be arranged at a time that is convenient for you. 

You can decide if you would like your interview to be an audio only or audio/video recording depending on your comfort. All information will be available to the public, including you and your family, with your written permission.

Need more information?

Contact Michaelyn Holmes at (508-435-4279)