Strategic Initiative Tracking List

Revenue Enhancement IdeaPrimary OwnerDeliverableDue DateStatus
Support the development of Legacy Farms in a revenue-positive manner
Town ManagerOpen Space Mixed Use Development (OSMUD) zoning article for Town Meeting;

Host Community Agreement;Alprilla Farm Well Agreement

5/5/2008Negotiations by Town Manager/Town Planner/Town Counsel in progress with Boulder Capital.
Entice higher-value development in the commercial/industrial areas near Rt. 495
Town ManagerResolution of litigation over Fruit Street Waste Water Treatment (WWTF) Facility; Marketing Plan for the Town???Resolution of litigation being aggressively pursued. Marketing Plan to be proposed as goal for Town Manager in 2008.
Support downtown revitalization
Town ManagerEngineering plan for sidewalks, lights, etc.???Working to get on list to get state funding for reconstruction of sidewalks, lights, etc.
Implement School Choice
School CommitteeVote on whether to participate in 2008-09 school year4/17/2008Poll of School Committee members indicates no support.  Public hearing to be held followed by vote on 4/17/08.
Charge facility use fees for after-school programs
School CommitteeNew contract with provider3/20/2008Proposal from current provider in hand. Awaiting responses to from other providers.
Determine how best to utilize Fruit Street to generate recurring revenue
Town ManagerConstruction of Waste Water Treatment Facility; New plan for use of the balance of the land???Resolution of litigation over WWTF being aggressively pursued. More focus needed on new plan for the site.
Sell or lease Center School (or current Town Hall) after Early Childhood Center is built
Facilities DirectorTown Meeting article for Center School Feasibility Study5/5/2008School Committee and Superintendent to develop town meeting article per Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) requirements.
Lobby state legislature to repeal telecomm tax exemption
Board of SelectmenLetter of support from Board of Selectmen (BoS) to state legislators3/11/2008State Appellate Tax Board issued ruling on 3/3/08 requiring telephone companies to pay taxes on poles and wires on public property. BoS Chairman to check status with Board of Assessors.
Expand advertising
School CommitteeOutline of program and opportunities4/17/2008Opportunities documented in report dated 2/7/08. BoS discussion on 3/4/08 indicated support.
Sell naming rights to buildings/halls/fields
School CommitteeN/AN/AFocus to be on obtaining sponsorships. Will be addressed under the “advertising” initiative.
Add new fees and fines; increase existing fees
School CommitteeMunicipal fee structure for FY095/5/2008Building dept fees raised from $7/hr. to $10/hr. Weights & Measures fees adjusted. School Committee preliminary budget for FY09 contains no new fees.
Institute a trash collection fee
DPW BoardNew contract for rubbish and recycling; New contract for disposal of recycling material; Plan for accounting mechanism for handling fees.Mid-April 2008New 20-year contract in place as of 1/1/08 for solid waste disposal. Hopkinton participated as part of a group of 34 communities on the deal. Request For Proposal (RFP) is out for rubbish and recycling collection. Disposal of recycling material being negotiated in conjunction with the Recycling Committee.
Put program of studies on line
School CommitteeFeasibility study5/15/2008Looking at the Moodle course management system.
Obtain new grants to offset expenses currently in the operating budget
Board of SelectmenMeeting of expanded Grants Committee4/17/2008Initial research into processes and opportunities completed by Asst. Superintendent of Schools. School department Grants Committee established. Membership to be expanded to include teachers, parents, and students. Discussions planned with Town Manager, Chief of Police, and Fire Chief regarding joint training and grant opportunities.
Lease space for cell phone towers
DPW BoardRequest For Proposal (RPF) to see if there is any interest among other cell phone companies in leasing cell tower space8/1/2008One cell phone company currently leases space on the water tower. RPF to be issued during the summer.
Hire point person to market the town to businesses
Board of SelectmenMarketing Plan12/31/2008Board of Selectmen assigned this work to the Town Manager in lieu of hiring a new person. Help to be solicited from the Economic Commission & Development Financing Authority and the Chamber of Commerce.
Tuition-in special education students
School CommitteeAgreement with other school districts to take students into our high school Futures Program5/15/2008No interest from students in other communities to attend next year. Will continue to market the program.
Assess fees to cars going into the state park
Board of SelectmenN/AN/ANo action planned. Payments already received from the state in lieu of taxes.
Pursue voluntary mitigation payments from developers
Planning BoardMitigation agreement with Boulder Capital.5/5/2008Discussions in process with Boulder Capital regarding Legacy Farms. Work planned to collect information on ideas and to survey other towns.
Allow drive-thru lanes for restaurants
Planning BoardN/AN/ANo action planned due to perceived lack of community support.
Develop special education life skills program
School CommitteeDecision on whether and when to proceedN/ANo action planned. The school district does not yet have a critical mass of students to justify moving forward with its own program.
Expense Reduction IdeaPrimary OwnerDeliverableDue DateStatus
Negotiate lower health insurance premiums (restructure programs)
Town Human Resources DirectorAgreement with unions on health plan design changes.4/1/08Negotiations in progress.
Reduce legal expenses
Town ManagerContract with legal counsel having wide range of expertise in issues facing Hopkinton.

System for tracking all legal expenses.

CompleteHired Miyares and Harrington, LLP as Town Counsel as of 1/1/08. $39K legal budget reduction in FY09.
Make more efficient use of revolving accounts and 53E½ accounts
Town Chief Financial OfficerPlan for managing revolving accounts more effectively. School Committee identified additional $305K to offset FY09 budget.
Combine certain school / general government operations
School CommitteePlan for potential consolidation of Information Technology (IT), Human Resources (HR), Facilities, Food Services, Purchasing, and Procurement functions4/3/08Superintendent and School Committee reps actively addressing with Town Manager and Board of Selectmen reps. Plan for combining IT functions agreed to. No efficiencies found in Food Services. Analyses of HR and Facilities functions in process.
Combine services with neighboring communities
Town ManagerCooperative agreementsOngoingTown Manager met with officials of Ashland and Southboro in Feb 2008. Agreements in place to buy water from Ashland and to send wastewater to Westboro. Looking at building ball fields to be shared with Ashland as part of Legacy Farms project.
Pursue regionalization for large pieces of equipment
Town ManagerCooperative agreementsOngoingMutual aid agreements in place with neighboring towns.
Institute cooperative purchasing
Town Chief Financial Officer (CFO)Common agreement for purchasing bulk commodities for all town departments.5/15/08CFO and School department Finance Manager to report on opportunities.
Relocate DPW Facilities to a new facility
DPW BoardPlan for future DPW facility???DPW Board to discuss Annual Town Meeting article to purchase property adjacent to Wood Street facility.
Develop wind power or solar power
School CommitteeCommitment for site visit from Massachusetts Technology Collaborative Renewable Energy Trust4/17/08Information gathered on potential sites for wind turbine on Hayden Rowe Street campus. Interest from High School teacher Jim Marzec to tie into course work. Application for site visit complete.
Revise staffing/overtime practices
Town ManagerPlan for revised staffing and overtime practices.N/ANo action planned beyond normal vigilance.
Modify snow removal tactics (don’t plow so quickly or so often)
DPW BoardN/AN/ANo action planned. This is a public safety issue.
Hire company to retrofit buildings for guaranteed energy savings
Facilities DirectorTown Meeting article for energy audit5/5/08Facilities Director preparing proposal for Town Meeting.
Re-evaluate the Community Preservation Act (CPA) tax
Town Chief Financial Officer in conjunction w/ Community Preservation CommitteeFormal review of Capital Improvements Committee project list by CPC.10/1/08Review of capital articles by CPC to explore applicability of CPC funds to be instituted.

No action planned to withdraw from the CPA as long as the State continues to provide matching funds.