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Financial Plan Working Group


The Financial Plan Working Group is a group of Town financial officials, department heads, and members of the Chamber of Commerce who worked from June through October of 2007 to do the following:

  • Expand upon the work of the Three-Year Financial Planning Group
  • Establish a Ten-Year Baseline of Revenues and Expenses
  • Identify Ideas for Closing the Gap between Revenues and Expenses
  • Develop a Budget Model to Evaluate the Impacts of the Ideas
  • Present a Set of Recommendations to Town Leaders to Address the Structural Deficit

The group issued its report on October 10, 2007 and presented an executive summary of findings and recommendations to the Board of Selectmen on October 16, 2007 .


Strategic Initiative Tracking List

Report (PDF)

Budget Model

Executive Summary Presentation

 The members of the group are:
Stuart Cowart (Co-Chair)   Appropriation Cmte.
Phil Totino (Co-Chair)   School Committee
Brian Herr   Board of Selectmen
Tony Troiano   Town Manager
Gary Daugherty   Fire Chief
Maureen Dwinnell   Town Treasurer
Mike Duffy   Capital Improvements Committee
Bob Bushway   Principal Assessor
John Duffy   Board of Assessors
Tom Irvin   Chief of Police
JT Gaucher   DPW Director
Jack Phelan   Superintendent of Schools
Elaine Lazarus   Town Planner
Scott Richardson    Chamber of Commerce