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Resolution: Mass Recycles Paper

A Resolution in Support of the Mass Recycles Paper! Campaign

WHEREAS, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection  estimates that the citizens and businesses of Massachusetts throw away 1.5 million tons of paper each year; and

WHEREAS, it costs the taxpayers of Massachusetts an estimated $100 million per year to dispose of this paper; and

WHEREAS, post-consumer paper is a valuable commodity that, when recycled, generates millions of dollars for cities, towns and businesses; and

WHEREAS, recycling paper saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions; and

WHEREAS, recycling adds significantly to the Massachusetts economy through the creation of nearly 20,000 recycling industry jobs with a combined annual payroll of $557 million; and

WHEREAS, many of the Commonwealth’s citizens and businesses are not aware of the broad spectrum of paper products that can be recycled instead of thrown away.


Of the Town of Hopkinton, to:

1. Join MassRecycle’s “Mass Recycles Paper!” Campaign by endeavoring to educate its citizens about the importance of recycling paper for environmental and economic reasons.

2. Encourage its residents to use the paper recycling services provided to the maximum extent possible.

3. Serve as a role model by recycling waste paper from all of its municipal offices.

Passed and adopted by the Board of Selectmen of Hopkinton at a regular meeting thereof held on the 14th day of August, 2007 by the following vote:

Muriel E. Kramer                   Mary C. Pratt                                  Michael W. Shepard         
Chairwoman                        Vice-Chairwoman

 Brian J. Herr                       Matthew E. Zettek