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Increased Communication:  within government agencies & with the public

Ø      Regular/brief updates from departments @ BOS meetings

Ø      Possible extended Town Hall Office Hours one night/ not open Friday afternoons

Ø      BOS Office Hours in Town Hall

Ø      Encourage/facilitate community wide events

Ø      Encourage/support community self-help projects (i.e. Common/gazebo effort)

Ø      Verizon local programming on-line

Ø     Identify Top 10 key issues before the Town.  Hold an “all in” meeting with all boards and committees as was done for WN and review the Top 10 list with everyone in the same room.  Discuss the various situations and seek agreement with all boards as to general direction the Town should take to move the issues forward.  Meeting should be held in early October

Ø      Web page newsletter link

Ø      Emphasize up-to-date agendas & minutes on web page

Ø      Seniors in education

Ø      Schedule pertinent guest speakers and workshops

§         Ethics in September to include Special Municipal Employee info

§         Legislators/RTA, etc.

Ø      Monthly roundtable Committee and Department Chairs to facilitate team building and progress on common goals & initiatives

Ø      Town Meeting education campaign

Ø      Policy Design & Implementation Guidelines

§         Competitive Bid/ Procurement process

§          Boiler plate contract usage

§         Water

§         No public Hearings or meetings before 5PM

Ø      Pursue regional initiatives

 Increased Fiscal Responsibility

Ø      Improve financial forecasting:  5-year, 10-year

Ø      Hire full time grant writer

Ø      RFP legal services

Ø      Optimize the Boulder Capital Development opportunity in East Hopkinton

§         Prioritize public access and open exchange in process

Ø      Boiler plate contract usage

Ø      Purchasing Agent/Procurement Officer

Ø      Shared Professional Services:  IT, HR, Facilities, etc.

Ø      Review Trash Contracts

Ø      Town Asset Management:  public buildings, town owned land, etc.

Ø      Competitive Bid as much as possible

Ø      Support CFO hiring process

Ø      Pursue initiatives to repopulate the Stabilization Account

Ø      Schedule MIIA workshops (w/ HR) to reduce insurance premiums

 Volunteer & Employee Appreciation

 Ø      Non-union employee raises accomplished

Ø      Labor agreements finalized

 Transition from Acting TM to Town Manager

Ø      Timeline, milestones and performance review

Ø      Town Manager’s Goals and Objectives and Performance Evaluation (added 9/11/07)

Facilitate Sustainable Growth

Ø      Encourage desirable business growth & economic development

§         Publish updated comprehensive permitting procedure guide

§         Facilitate permitting process: PB, BOA, BOH, & ConCom

§         Marketing Plan

§         WWTP and I&I repairs and improvements

§         Support/prioritize downtown revitalization efforts

Ø      Draft and implement a Town Wide Marketing Plan that will be used as a guide for all departments and boards to use as we negotiate current opportunities and also seek out new ventures within the Town

Ø      Open space utilization

Ø      Mitigation Policy for developers to contribute to quality of life

§         Donations money +/or services

§         Fields, playgrounds, etc.

§         Infrastructure, paving, traffic signals, etc.

Ø      Educational forums about senior tax relief programs

Ø      Pursue innovative senior tax relief ideas

Ø      Coordinated ADA improvements as necessary