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105 CMR 480.000 Minimum Requirements for the Management of Medical and Biological Waste regulation change effective July 1, 2012

Effective July  1, 2012 home- sharps, as well as unopened packages of hypodermic needles and lancets, shall not be disposed of in solid municipal waste, including household waste and shall be collected and disposed of in accordance to 105 CMR 480.125.  Hopkinton residents who use this type of medical equipment will need to find alternative ways to disposed of their used sharps as rubbish haulers may refuse to pick up sharps containers placed in solid waste collection containers.

 The Town of Hopkinton has a designated sharps disposal site at the Hopkinton Police Station.  It is located in the lobby operating through a grant by the Hopkinton Youth and Family Services.  Another option is to purchase a postage-paid mail back kit to have your sharps disposed through a medical waste handler.  The kit usually includes a sharps container, a mailing carton with prepaid postage and a tracking form to verify that the sharps are properly disposed.  When the sharps container is full, it can be placed in the mailing carton and mailed directly to company’s designated facility for incineration. A number of companies have mail-back programs for sharps.   Check with the local pharmacies as well as the following:


Medasend  Biomedical, Inc.-purchase online or by phone.




Stericycle – purchase by phone