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Places of Interest in Hopkinton, Massachusetts:

Town Forest
The Town Forest was established in 1923. It is a 84 acre parcel of land located on both sides of Pond Street, between Winter Street and Elm Street. In 1928, 10,000 small white pine trees were planted in the area and no care was provided for them to grow; few still remain there. The forest has very large outcrops of ledge, which some say they can see imprints of dinosaur tracks.

About 1965, the old cart road through the forest was opened up by the Hopkinton Boy Scout Troops and the Hopkinton Key Club. Some use the cart road for horse back riding, hiking or by snowmobile's.

Town Park

Aiken's Park

Was acquired in 1968, it is a 3/4 acre parcel of land located on the north side of Cordaville Road (Rte 85) at the Southborough line. This is a small triangular area which the Sudbury River passes through and is a very popular fishing spot. Also located there is an old bridge over the river which was abandoned 1933 with the relocation of the roadway. This bridge has a historic interest in that it is a Dry Laid Stone Arch construction. It has been subject to vandalism over the years. Some of the cap stones are resting in the river. Neither Hopkinton's or Southborough's Conservation Commission's have had funds to restore it

Berry Acres

Was acquired in 1968 from Boston Edison Co. with a 99 year lease of 30 acres parcel. Located on West Main Street opposite the Ice House Pond. An access road and parking lot (for six vehicles) was constructed near the entrance. There exists an old cart road which passes a pond on the parcel. Several of the foot paths were cleared and cleaned out by the Boy Scouts in 1994 as part of an Eagle Project. There is a need for more foot paths and even a horse trail to be cleared in the future.

College Rock Park

Was acquired in 1962, it is a 11 acre parcel of land located on College Street. There is a small parking lot at the entrance. There is a path, about 1/4 mile long, you can climb to get to the top of the 70ft. high ledge, known as "College Rock". From the top you can see a portion of Milford. Many ducks make their nests around the small peaceful meadow.

Recently, as part of an Eagle Scout project, scouts cleaned and marked trails and added a topographical map indicating these trails (for hiking/mtn biking). Also they added a crag (cliff) map indicating the different "routes" to rock climb.  These maps are protected by a roof covered bulletin board.  They also installed two park benches and there is an existing picnic table.  Trash barrels are provided.

Terry Park
Was acquired in 1964 from Thomas J. Terry, it is a 13 acre parcel of land located off Saddlehill Road, adjacent to the Hopkinton State Park. There are no known plans for this parcel and nothing has been done to it.

Town Recreation Areas & Parks

Carrigan Park
Is the first site of our Little League Ball fields. Located behind the old high school on Main Street. Given to the town by two teachers, who taught grade school for many years. The land was part of their father's farm. The remaining land located around the fields and the houses between Grove, Maple and Pleasant Streets was a cow pasture until 1930.

EMC Park
Acquired in 1976 by tax title, it is a 15 acre parcel of land located off Hayden Rowe Street. At town meeting the land was designated to Parks & Recreation and Conservation Commissions. There is a small brook flowing through the west end of the parcel known as the Charles River. The rest of the parcel has been developed into ball fields, playgrounds, the Hank Fredette Skateboard Park, and parking.

Reed Park, Woodville
Was acquired in 1969, it is a 10 acre parcel of land located between Lake Whitehall, Piazza Lane and Parker Point Road access. There are 2 tennis courts that are fenced in and asphalt surfaced, Little League or Soccer field, and parking for 25 cars. There is several foot paths that lead to the shore of Lake Whitehall.

Sandy Island - Town Beach
Is located in the middle of Lake Maspenock. This is a residents only Town beach.  With foot access from Lake Shore Drive. The beach is open June through September for swimming during lifeguard's hours. Parking is by permit only. It also has a boat launch in the parking lot for residents use. Milford residents have a launch area at the Milford Dam Area. Power boats are allowed on the lake. Water skiing, jet skies, and various other craft are allowed on the lake. But must be properly registered by the State of Massachusetts.

Massachusetts State Parks

State Park Headquarters (Hopkinton, Whitehall, Ashland) Office, 71 Cedar Street 435-4303

Hopkinton State Park, Main Entrance, (Rte 85) Cordaville Road, Hopkinton
A large park with many facilities such as:

  •        2 swimming areas, Hopkinton Reservoir & swimming pond
  •      Boat launching for sail boats and canoes (NO Power boats)
  •      Parking for approximately 1,000 vehicles (aprox. 10 sm. parking lots)
  •      Many Barbecue & picnic table areas
  •      Foot Trails through woods, new trails being added
  •      Ball Fields, Soccer & Softball near picnic & lower beach area

Whitehall State Park, Rte. 135, Wood Street, Hopkinton

Lake Whitehall is a fairly shallow lake which makes it an excellent fishing area. Although small power boats are allowed, the numerous sunken trees & rocks help keep speeds down on the lake. There are several boat launches around the lake. And no beaches to speak of.

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