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Online Services

The Town of Hopkinton offers Residents, Businesses, Visitors and Guests many online services to make your local government more accessible, convenient and transparent. Descriptions of major services are available below. Remember to use the Search box at the top of every page to find even more. Help is available online along with many options to Contact and Report.

Read the latest general and Emergency posts online.
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Follow Hopkinton with Email, RSS or your favorite Social Media and get custom up to date information delivered.

Access current RFP and bid materials and see status and pictures of current and past town projects.

Access online Documents, Minutes, Forms, Permits and Applications. Many forms may be completed online. Many historical documents are now available online.

This site automatically optimizes for mobile access. Hopkinton also offers many mobile apps to access your local government on the go.

Hopkinton offers many ways to get in touch. Choose from online forms, email, phone, mobile apps, or come visit us in person. There are also now community conversation tools to keep the ideas flowing.

Lookup and pay Real Estate, Personal Property, Excise, Water, Sewer, and Miscellaneous bills online.

Access Hopkinton's Property Lookup Tool, Assessors Database, GIS Maps and Layers, Property Forms, Permits and Records, Google Maps and more.

Discuss Hopkinton Community, Government, Education and more with neighbors and decision makers. MindMixer is an independently moderated forum to increase engagement.

Recovers is Hopkinton's Community Hub during emergencies. Whether you have a need or want to help, this is the site to get connected. 

Access Hopkinton's Online Emergency Resources including the CodeRed Emergency Notification System, local, state and federal agencies, preparedness tips and more.

View Hopkinton's Accounts Payable Warrants to see what checks the town is writing. More information is available on the Accountant's page. 
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Access the latest Recreation Brochure and Register for Programs Online.

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Lookup your pickup schedule and add to your electronic calendar or print. Find general trash and recycling information.

See current job and intern opportunities.

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