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Current Projects

Projects and Bids

Hopkinton Square will be a vibrant mixed use development located at the intersection of Route 495 and West Main Street in Hopkinton.  The project is slated for 100,000 square feet of prime retail, medical, and office construction.  Proposed construction will likely consist of 4 buildings including a 13,500 square foot retail/pharmacy site with a drive through window, a 34,000 square foot retail strip, a 45,000 multi story medical/office building, and a 6000 square foot pad restaurant/retail site.  See more here(PDF file).

Hopkinton Village Center will be a 42,000 square foot mixed use project.  It will be a three level building located right in the downtown area.  It will consist of residential living on the third story, office on the second, and retail on the ground floor.

In 2008, Residents of Hopkinton voted for a large parcel in East Hopkinton to be developed according to a new Open Space Mixed Use Development (OSMUD) Zoning proposal put forth by a well respected local developer.  This 750 acre parcel will include 450,000 square feet of commercial development, its own water and waste-water facilities, and many more amenities that the town needs.  Work has already begun on the water and waste water components and it looks like there will be plenty of capacity to support their proposed project. 

South Street zoning changes

Village Square

W. Main St retail expansion