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Current Projects

Twin City Marathon Greece
Hopkinton is perhaps best known for the start of the Boston Marathon, where tens of thousands of runners gather every Patriots day for the 26.2 mile run to Boston. Recently, the Town of Hopkinton formally became sister cities with 
Marathon Greece, the place where the marathon was invented. To symbolize this bond, a large bronze statue depicting the winner of the first modern day marathon in Greece and the winner of the 50th running of the Boston Marathon (a Greek hero) was erected in 2005 at the one mile market of the route. 

There are many amenities for people who work in the Town of Hopkinton and residents alike. With the soon to be completed Hopkinton Square, the downtown area is being revitalized into a larger retail environment with all the services our residents have asked for. There will be additional restaurants and shopping, as well as additional parking making our downtown an ideal place to stroll and one stop shopping. The Town Common is quintessential New England and is also being revitalized. Many of the trees are being taken down in order to let in more sunlight and make it more open for all the various events that take place there throughout the year. Besides the downtown area, other amenities include:

Strong Schools
Hopkinton Public Schools

Hopkinton is well known for its strong school system and quality of our teachers. The town has a very active PTA and various support groups that keep provide ongoing support for the children.  The commitment to support the schools systems is one reason why so many families with children choose to live in Hopkinton.   In fact, Hopkinton ranks highest in the state with percentage of school age children relative to the total population.

Rural Beauty

Parks and Recreation

Rural Beauty makes Hopkinton unique among towns located so close to metropolitan areas. Hopkinton has three large lakes, a Massachusetts Audubon Bird Sanctuary, a town forest, a town beach, a large state park, numerous trail systems, and many ball fields for various sports making it ideal for recreation and adventure for adults and children alike. The Hopkinton State Park offers facilities for swimming, boating, hiking, fishing and picnicking. The Whitehall State Park has a boat ramp, as well as a series of trails surrounding the lake. The town is committed to keeping the rural characteristics in balance with economic development.


Hopkinton also hosts the Metrowest YMCA which provides many programs for kids including summer camps, outdoor education, swim lessons, recreation, various community outreach and more.

Cultural Arts
Cultural Council

A recent addition to the Town of Hopkinton is the Metrowest Symphony Orchestra which operates out of the high school.  This is a group of talented professional and volunteer musicians that provide high quality programs that entertain, educate, and encourage audiences from all around the region.

The town is also fortunate to have its own theater group. Enter Stage Left enriches the lives of the people of Hopkinton and surrounding communities through its theatrical endeavors, offering a wide variety of artistic opportunities for individuals of all ages to express and hone in their creative talents. 

Hopkinton has a Cultural Arts Alliance, an active, dynamic arts center offering arts shows, private music instruction, arts & crafts construction, children’s programs, and performances.


The town has three strong local media groups that thoroughly cover all the news to keep residents informed and up to speed on current events. The Hopkinton Independent newspaper goes out to all residents on a bi-weekly basis. Hopnews.com is a daily publication that allows you to scroll down pages chronologically and also has many topic-specific forums. HCAM is the town’s cable television station that is available on all the standard cable companies.