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Proposal for the Aaron and Lucy Claflin House Historic District
Article 46 - The Lucy and Aaron Claflin House Announcement (5/3/19)
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Update on the Potential Expansion of the Historic District

 The Historic District Commission believes that by expanding the historic district, the character and historic significance of our town can be preserved. In the fall of 2018, the HHDC held three public forums, conducted a public survey and sent out a mailing to residents in the proposed expansion area.

 After receiving input from the public this fall, the HHDC voted on November 29, 2018 on the following next steps:

  • Complete work on our written Historic District Design Guidelines in 2019 - many other towns already have these and we intend to get public feedback on the draft before finalizing.
  • Work on updating the town bylaw Chapter 123 (Historic District) to account for modern needs that were not anticipated when it was originally written (solar panels, satellite dishes, central air units, etc.), consider other changes such as not reviewing paint color and lessening restrictions, especially on newer homes in the district - any changes to the bylaw will require a town meeting vote.
  • Take the proposed expansion OFF the table for Town Meeting 2019. Focus on meeting with property owners in the areas of town that were most receptive to being included in the district and consider trying for a smaller expansion for Town Meeting 2020.

 Please see the following documents for more information. 

Committee Charge & History:

The Hopkinton Center Historic District was established by the townspeople in 1979, consisting primarily of properties surrounding the Town Common, the Common itself, and properties along the south side of Main Street, ending near the corner of Grove Street. A small portion of East Main Street is also included. In recent years, Center School and the Town Hall have been added to the district. The Hopkinton Center Historic District Commission is the reviewing authority responsible for regulating design within the Hopkinton Center Historic District.

Historic Districts in Massachusetts have three major purposes, as stated in Ch. 40C of Massachusetts General Law: 1.) To preserve and protect the distinctive characteristics of buildings and places significant to the history of the Commonwealth and its cities and towns; 2.) To maintain and improve the settings of those buildings and places; 3.) To encourage new designs compatible with existing buildings in the district.

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Map of the District

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